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The Ruta de los Abastos Product Club is a tourism cooperative that works to enhance the maritime and coastal and inland drylands in the O'Higgins Region, to strengthen local economies through the commercialization of gastronomic tourism experiences. . A tourism that puts at the center the peasant vintners, the sheep herders, the shore gatherers, fishermen, cooks, restaurants, the quinoa farmers, the producers of beer, corn, wheat and oil, the salt producers, orchardists, beekeepers, artisans, their knowledge, their flavors. 


And we do it from an innovative model, which uses rural gastronomy as a tool in favor of people and territories that innovates, empowers and preserves biocultural landscapes.


Our work strengthens coordination and communication between the actors in the value chain of the agricultural and rural tourism sector in the Province of Cardenal Caro, to increase the flow of tourists, through collaborative work; improving management and marketing capabilities through the design and implementation of new sustainable tourism programs and products based on the territory's star products: quinoa, oil, wine, seaweed, lamb, salt, honey, corn, wheat, legumes. An initiative to develop human capital and create an offer of quality tourist services, which creates new narratives around the countryside and the sea, stories that attract travelers to get to know this unknown Chile, full of flavors, memory and meaning. . A project to demonstrate that Chile is a tasty country, and that rurality is the country's new pole of attractions.



Meet the Ruta de Los Abastos Product Club family.

Our members invite you to experience the wonders and flavors of

Dryland of O'Higgins.

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Consuelo Poblete


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Marcela Rhodes



Maria Ines Vera


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Patricia Bustos



Christian Sage


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Pamela Villagra



Cecilia Vargas


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