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Travel and savor the gastronomic treasures of Secano de O'Higgins, a territory full of magical towns and unique landscapes,biodiversity ecological and cultural.


Our experiences will take you to an exquisite and abundant territory, valleys, salt flats, mountains, dryland and sea, an ecosystem that tastes of salt, quinoa, brandy and chacolí, ancient wheat, piures, cochayuyo, locos and crabs, lamb ,

cheese, olives, honey and wine.

You can enjoy Abejaventura: beekeeper for a day, an adventure  to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of beekeeping in Litueche; Ecotourism Journey that promises to connect travelers with the heart of the dry land, through a journey through the liquid territory of its landscapes, harvests and flavors; Vive La Rural, a gastronomic beer experience; Discover Cabeceras, a guided walk through this town of Paredones to discover the landscape of a former salt flat, observe birds, collect edible plants and cook with them; Travel to the history of wheat, to reconnect with ancestral crafts and savor them; and Alguero for a day, along with the shore collectors of La Caleta los Piures, among others.

Welcome to the Supply Route!

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